Online Therapy

The Counselling Room offers an online therapy service which uses a secure video link; enabling individuals to access talking therapy where face-to-face meetings would not be possible.

The Counselling Room uses a platform which is simple to use and has a high standard of data security which, makes it more confidential than some other services.

For online sessions to be effective, it will be important that you are able to access a private space with no interruptions so that confidentiality can be maintained in our work.

Just like face to face appointments, punctuality and a shared commitment to our work is important.  The regularity of online sessions will be agreed with you in advance.

Should you choose to access talking therapy online; you will need to:

  • Install an online interface on your operating system i.e. Windows 7 or later, MAC OS X or MAC OS 10.6 or later or a phone/tablet such as IOS, Android or Blackberry.
  • Check that your device and internet connection support access to the medium and that you have audio and video settings configured.

Accessing your online therapy meeting

  • I will send you a link to the appointment via email.
  • Click on the link before the appointment to check that you can access the ‘waiting area’.
  • At the agreed time of your appointment, I will allow access to the meeting.

If you think that online therapy could be an option for you, please get in touch to arrange an appointment.

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