As a professional counsellor, I view my role as an objective observer; informed by Psycho-dynamic theory and a relational approach to practice.


Careful and considered thought is given to feelings, thoughts, and relationships with self and others. As the therapeutic relationship develops, meaning is applied and links drawn between the past and the present.


Counselling is not something that is ‘done to you’, it is a two-person process.

In my experience, it is the therapeutic relationship which is considered as fundamental to the process of change.

It is my belief that when two people agree to mutually contribute to insight and growth; the potential for change is advanced.

Whether it’s a short-term or open-ended counselling that you are looking for; I aim to offer a safe and contained therapeutic encounter.

Underpinning my approach is my professional and ethical commitment to practice.

As a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy I aim to uphold the value of therapeutic relationship through my agreement to the BACP Ethical Commitment to Practice.