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In the shadows.

Whilst attitudes towards mental health have changed over the last decade, mental health still remains in the shadows for some. Anxiety, panic, and depression just to name a few ‘fashionable’ labels attached to modern culture.

However, what happens to the lesser known mental health struggles and illnesses which consume people’s worlds? Emotionally unstable personality disorders, bi-polar or psychosis for example.

Those who are affected can experience a range of daily challenges; self sabotage, fluctuations in mood, substance abuse, catastrophic thinking, obsessions or indeed crisis.

The reality can be difficult for others to rationalize. “Why do they behave in this way? They have a good job, supportive family… ‘a lot going for them’...” Naturally, the debate is complex; is it nature, is it nurture, or is it both?

The reality is that its individual.

Talking therapy is just one option which is available to support this understanding. This may be achieved through learning how to accept ones self, learning new ‘ways of being’. Considering healthier, alternative coping mechanisms for example.

Learning how to be with ones self … no longer in the shadows but with the warmth of light.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, and would like to find out how talking therapy might help. Please feel free to make contact.

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