Therapy – beyond a list of symptoms.

Mental health is more than just a list of symptoms.

Whilst management of symptoms has its place, therapy is more than just learning to cope.

After all, emotional suffering is complex; rooted in relationship patterns, inner conflict and emotional blind spots.


A psychodynamic approach to therapy focuses on the psychological roots of emotional suffering through a process of self-reflection and self-examination.

The therapeutic relationship is a fundamental part of the therapy; used to inform relationship patterns in the clients world.


The goal of working psycho-dynamically is not only to alleviate presenting difficulties but to help individuals to lead healthier lives.

Unlike other therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT); psychodynamic therapy is flexible and excludes prescribed, measurable stages.

Psychodynamic thinking is client led.

Measuring change is more than just a reduction of symptoms on a prescribed scale.

Whilst arguably it is harder to measure personality changes,  clients describe ‘movement’ experienced on a more intimate level – consolidation of self through the therapeutic relationship.

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