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Suicide: in search of meaning.




It is acknowledged that the subject of ‘suicide’ is complex.

A dynamic, interplay of depression, hopelessness, rage, perfection, impulsivity or perhaps a fleeting thought; all forces which cast aside well rehearsed defences to reveal anxiety.  The intensity of this experience can lead to impaired functioning where ‘thinking’ and ‘doing’ are interrupted and ‘all or nothing’ thinking takes hold.

With self awareness limited, suicidal thoughts centre on the body and its existence (arguably primitive in nature). The difference between fantasy and reality become hard to conceptualise and vulnerability heightened.


It is not uncommon for clients to utilise the therapeutic encounter as a space to discharge some of their anxieties; a sense of relief at being able to talk about feelings and thoughts attached to suicide.

However, for others, containment is believed to be the ‘safest’ option; it is acknowledged that ‘clients may feel suicidal but have no intention on acting on those feelings’.

The therapeutic process places emphasis on upholding safe and ethical practice and where suicide is a feature,  appropriate and sensitive exploration is considered.


*It is helpful to engage your GP and Mental Health Services where you feel in distress or are in crisis.


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