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“Sleep is of central importance to the health of the body and mind.”

As human beings, our need for sleep varies from one person to another. Despite this variance, sleep holds a common purpose; a restorative tool to energise our being.

A recent article in the Guardian newspaper explores the link between ‘insomnia and depression’:

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2 thoughts on “Mental Health & Sleep

  1. This is a brilliant article, thank you. I have tried to improve my sleeping patterns to manage my depression and this reinforces that I’m doing the right thing x

    1. Jennifer Hall, thank you for your comments.

      The article makes for an interesting read. Treating sleep problems in advance of depression or vice versa is an important consideration.

      “Sound sleep and sound mind does not represent a hypothesis, belief or dream but reflects genuine knowledge from scientific research surrounding the relationship between sleep and mental health” (B Krakow).

      It is positive to read that you continue to improve the relationship in advance of your well-being Jennifer.

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